ON Binaural 

What's Binaural? 

The focus of Stephen’s experiments center around his custom binaural microphone; dubbed ‘Ramses the Great’ due to it’s striking visage. Binaural is a method of recording in which a pair of sensitive microphone are placed within the ear canals of a dummy head, complete with facial features of pinnae (the outer ears). The end result is that when played back thru headphones, the listener will experience a 3-dimensional sound perception that is superior to even large surround sound systems. Beyond the obvious sonic immersion that pure binaural recording yield for the end user, the microphones also serve as an excellent supplement to more traditional forms of recording; a binaural head is a fantastic room mic for adding depth to a stereo recording of drums, string and horn sections, pianos, etc.  

Stephen Kurpis

Stephen Kurpis is a Brooklyn based audio engineer originally from New Jersey. Originally a student of jazz guitar, he found an intense interest of the technical side of music production and embark on the long apprenticeship journey to become an audio engineer. He works out of Dubway Studios in the Financial District and continue to build up his studio credential while engaging in experiments focused on binaural audio recording.

E-mail: stephenkurpis@dubway.com
Website: http://www.dubwaymusic.com/

*Please wear headphones to experience the full binaural effect*

Gleb Vashensko, Gioel Severini, Stephen Kurpis, "Ramses the Great", Christin Moran, Sharik Hasan