Funk Academy is an improvised and extemporaneous creative music experience. The band has Gioel Severini on the tenor sax and Akai Ewi electronic sax, Tom Wilson on the key and Moog, and Kazuhiro Odagiri on the drums. However, for each performance the lineup makes room for different guests to take the stage.

The particular point of this band is the fact that everything happen on the stage is completely improvised. The Funk Academy is a deep musical trip that you won't forget.

Photo by Han Sehwan

International House of Funk is a revolving cast of musicians from around the world, based in New York City. With strong roots in jazz, every musician adds a different color to the musical picture, painting with the brush of their country. The band members hail from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Harlem and Philadelphia, making IHOF’s roster truly unique. Playing funky covers and original music with one goal in mind, compelling large crowds of people to dance. From James Brown to Maceo Parker to Rick James, IHOF hits all eras of funk, adding a modern twist on timeless classics. The band’s high-energy performances have been moving audiences throughout Brooklyn and New York over the past year, and their roster and repertoire are always changing to make every night unique

International House of Funk

Mad4Groove / Organ Trio

Funk band born in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, the band plays music that mixes funk and jazz funk of the 60's and 70's with the latin and gospel.A tight-knit and compact formation that stands for the skill and diversity of the individual elements and the understanding that engages them in the groove.A quartet energy and elegant, unconventional but never out of place.Mad4Groove
The Gioel Severini Trio is a powerful and sophisticated group of musicians working to present arrangements of standard Jazz repertoire and original compositions with a gifted approach. Gioel Severini is a versatile sax player, whose musical voice stems from some of the greatest from Sonny Rollins to Joshua Redman and Michael Brecker. His sense of musicality and deep melodic approach makes for a truly enjoyable listening experience.


Gioel Severini is an Italian saxophonist, woodwind and akai ewi player, composer and arranger based in Brooklyn, New York. 

​Before relocating to Brooklyn, he was actively employed in Italy playing high profile gigs at Blue Note, Novara Jazz Festival and more.

Gioel has performed with international singers such as Michael Bublè and John Legend. 

​Gioel moved to New York  in 2013, where he quickly became notorious in the Brooklyn music scene. In addition to an array of gigs as sideman with International House of Funk, Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities and other various jazz projects, he performs regularly as band leader with his Trio, and other projects.


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